2023 Rules and Regulations

2023 Show Rules & Regulations

Artists, Artisans, Crafters, Authors, Musicians & Specialty Food Makers:
All are invited to apply. Please read carefully.
To keep a well-balanced show, we strictly limit the number of Exhibitors per category.

Jurying: New applicants must submit 3 images of their work. We can also jury via images on your website.
Exhibitors are permitted to sell their own creations only. No sales representatives.

Only top quality, made in USA items may be sold. All work must be made by the Seller.
No Buy-Resell, No Imports, No Sales Reps, No Supplies, No “Seconds” or “Clearance” Items.
When in question, an exhibitor may be required to submit copies of orders from material suppliers.
Specialty Food Applicants:
All Specialty Foods MUST be made by the seller.
This rule does not apply to food vendors who have continually participated in Castleberry Fairs prior to 2015. 
All Health Codes apply. All licenses and food vendor permits must be displayed & obtained at your own expense.
Remit with Application proof that the food you are selling or sampling is made in an inspected facility along with any
health permits, ServSafe Certification (or equivalent) Allergen Awareness and a Certificate of Liability Insurance.
If you are a Food Vendor looking to prepare and cook food to be consumed onsite, you need to apply with the Food Vendor Application.
In Regards to Sublimation Printing:
Simply using Sublimation Printing to print a stock, purchased or supplied images, text or other graphics, on a purchased “blank”  is not craft and does not meet our jury criteria.
If you are the Artist or Photographer and use Sublimation Printing to create copies of your own images, this is allowed.
If you are the Clothing Designer and use Sublimation Printing to print your own designs on fabric, apparel and accessories, this is allowed. 
If you use Sublimation Printing on your own Craft (adding decorative artwork that you made, to enhance a piece that you made) this is allowed. 

All Applicants:

  1. Applicants selling consumable items (products “used up” such as Food, Personal Care Items, Candles, etc) must provide a Certificate of Liability listing Castleberry Fairs & Festivals as Additional Insured.
  2. All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and remitting all taxes
  3. Once accepted you may not add any products to your booth without prior consent
  4. No calling out or hawking allowed.
  5. All exhibitors shall be responsible for delivery, set up and removal of their own display and materials.
  6. All tables must be covered to the floor on all sides with no visible boxes, back stock, dollies, etc.
  7. Displays must be kept neat and professional.
  8. All outdoor booths require your own flame retardant, wind and rain resistant tent or canopy.
  9. All outdoor booths require your own stakes and weights to secure your canopy and display. (Min. 40lbs per leg)
  10. No attachments to any walls of any facility. No staking into the pavement.
  1. Trash – A dumpster is available at all locations. Condense all trash and put it in the dumpster. Do not put trash in the barrels.
  2. Display must be contained within your own booth space with no signage, chairs or racks or product in the aisle.
  3. No exhibitor may sublet or share booth space.
  4. No open flames at any show.
  5. All items must be priced.
  6. All booths must remain intact until the show closing.
  7. All booths and materials must be removed within 4 hours of show closing on the final day of the event.
  8. All booths must be secured and covered during closed hours.
  9. All extension cords used at the show must be heavy duty 3 prong, with ground fault surge protectors.
  10. Exhibitors who sell exclusively off the aisle at indoor shows MUST pull in their display 1 foot on all aisle sides.
  11. Smoking is not allowed in your booth, on the show grounds or outside public entrance.
  12. Set-up: Anyone not registered 60 minutes prior to show opening may lose space without refund.
  13. We reserve the right to OPEN any show 30 minutes prior to posted times.
  14. We reserve the right to remove any offensive or non-juried product.
  15. All vehicles must move to the designated parking area after unloading. Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  16. Orders received at a show or via any Castleberry Fairs affiliated website or directory must be filled in a timely manner.
  17. A $50.00 Fee will be assessed to any check returned for insufficient funds.
  18. Failure to leave your area clean will result in an assessed clean up fee of $100.00.
  19. All Shows are held: Rain, Snow or Shine. In extreme cases show hours are subject to change due to weather.
  20. Friendly, non-nuisance pets on a leash are welcome. Pets are not allowed at any indoor shows. (Service animals are exempt.)
  21. All Exhibitors must follow policies at various show venues regarding fire lanes, masks, parking, plastic bags, outside food, etc.
  22. If for any reason you are unable to make it to a show it is your responsibility to inform us ASAP by calling 603-332-2616.
  23. During the event, exhibitors must follow all local mandates.
  24. Access to Wi-Fi / cellular service is never guaranteed.
  25. Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be in writing. Show deposits and fees are not refundable.

We may, at our discretion, transfer show fees (less deposit) to another show within the same year, provided we are able to fill the booth.  

If a Show is cancelled due to Covid-19, the booth fee will be refunded or applied to another 2023 Show . All refunds will be processed after the last Show date of 2023.

Failure to comply with all Rules and Regulations may result in forfeit of future shows and fees.