Exhibitor Info

Dear Artists, Craftspeople, Musicians, Authors & Specialty Food Vendors,

Thanks to all of you who have participated with us in the past. 
We hope you can join us in our 34th year producing and promoting juried Arts and Craft events. 

Jury: Don’t let the term scare you … simply put our Jury consists of 3 basic criteria:
1.) Did you create it? All items displayed must be your own hand-made work.
2.) Is it well made? Only top quality work is allowed, no kits or mass produced pieces.
3.) Do we think it will sell well at our shows? Our Shoppers are looking for quality, American made works by hand.
If the answer to all 3 is yes then you are welcome to apply.
We never charge a registration fee, jury fee or commission.
Jury is ongoing. However, highly competitive Categories fill quickly and therefore you must submit your application early for consideration.
New applicants must submit 3 images of their work.

If you have participated in a Castleberry Event in 2022 and you have not changed your Category, you will not need to send in new Jury Materials.

In Regards to Sublimation Printing:
Simply using Sublimation Printing to print a stock, purchased or supplied images, text or other graphics,
on a purchased “blank” (ceramic mug, plastic bottle, tumbler, bag, hairbrush, etc.)  is not craft and does not meet our jury criteria.
   If you are
the Artist or Photographer and use Sublimation Printing to create copies of your own images, this is allowed.

   If you are the Clothing Designer and use Sublimation Printing to print your own designs on fabric, apparel and accessories, this is allowed. 
   If you use Sublimation Printing on your own Craft (adding decorative artwork that you made, to enhance a piece that you made) this is allowed. 

Demonstrations: In order to differentiate Castleberry Fairs from others in our field we strongly encourage ALL Exhibitors to demonstrate some aspect of their craft.
We want to educate & enlighten the public on the value of American made works and instill an appreciation for the handcrafted tradition.

Please note on your application if you can offer a comprehensive demonstration of your Craft.
Demonstrating Artisans are given larger booths and premium placement at no additional charge.

Specialty Foods:  All specialty foods MUST be made by the seller.
However, this rule does not apply to food vendors who have continually participated in Castleberry Fairs prior to 2015.

All Specialty Food Vendors must submit this application with:
* Copy of ServSafe Certification

* Copy of Allergen Awareness Certificate
* Certificate of Liability Insurance listing Castleberry Fairs and Festivals as Additional Insured.

Display is Important:
All Exhibitors must provide their own Display, Canopy, Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Etc.,

If you sell exclusively off the aisle (at indoor shows) you MUST pull in their display 1 foot on all aisle sides.

All Displays must be kept neat and professional.
Display must be contained within your own booth space with no signage, chairs or racks or product in the aisle.
All tables must be covered to the floor on all sides, with no visible boxes, back stock, dollies, etc.

Outdoor booths require your own flame retardant, wind and rain resistant tent or canopy with sidewalls, stakes and weights (Min. 40lbs per leg).
Cheap, quick shade, farmers’ market type canopies WILL NOT WORK.
For the overall appearance of the show and because your work looks better in natural light, we prefer and encourage the use of white canopies.

Security: Overnight security is provided for all Shows.

Confirmation: Upon acceptance you will receive online confirmation with all show details.

Need more info? Check out the FAQ page here.

Hope to see you soon,

Terry & Chris Mullen & Family
Castleberry Fairs & Festivals
Office 603-332-2616

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We do not allow Commercial Vendors, Multi Level Marketers, Sales Reps, Home Improvement, Financial Services or Vacation Sponsors.

Don’t get scammed.
Sadly there are fraudsters everywhere. Hardly a day goes by when some scammer is not trying to offer “Vendor Space” to craft shows that do not exist. They often use Castleberry show venues and show dates to trick others into thinking they are hosting an event in the same venue, at the same time for a fraction of the cost.

We see these liars on various social media, they comment on our own Ads (we delete and block them daily) and they add posts soliciting “vendors” on Facebook Groups where other artisans quickly call them out.

But there are just too many platforms and Groups and we cannot find or see them all. 

We urge anyone interested in participating in any event to contact every venue to verify who is hosting and promoting these events. Get their name, phone number and mailing address.

Please Do Not Trust anyone without first confirming their legitimacy.

Don’t Get Scammed.
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