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Castleberry Fairs FAQ


What are the jury requirements?

Jury consists of 3 basic criteria:

  1. Did you create it? All items displayed must be your own hand-made work.
  2. Is it well made? Only top quality work is allowed, no kits or mass produced pieces.
  3. Do we think it will sell well at our shows? We are looking for quality, American made works by hand.

If the answer to all 3 is yes then you are welcome to apply.

All Artisans can bring to the show only what they are juried in for via their Application.
Most of the time there is only ONE media per booth.
However there is some crossover between some Crafts. For example: Personal Care and Candles (using the same or similar components to create different items.) This does not mean that Candle Makers can sell Soap or Soap Makers can sell Candles. It might mean that Soap Makers must keep Candles to less than 10% of their booth or visa-versa. And only with prior approval.
Applicants would still need to write on their application all of the items they intend to sell.
Never does it mean that a Candle Maker can sell jewelry or that a Specialty Food Vendor can sell Pottery, etc.
Sometimes a Glass Blower will make a few pendants. Or a Decorative Painter make a few pins.
In these cases where the Artisan is still working within their Primary Media they are allowed to do so under the specific agreement that they write the items on their Application and they keep the items to less than 10% of their booth.

Who can apply?
All Artists, Artisans, Crafters, Musicians, Authors & Specialty Food Makers are invited to apply. Please read carefully.
Exhibitors are permitted to sell their own creations only. No sales representatives.
Only top quality, Made in USA items may be sold. Only finished crafts are permitted.
       No Buy-Resell, No Imports, No Supplies, No “Seconds” or “Clearance” Items.
When in question, an exhibitor may be required to submit copies of orders from material suppliers.

Is there a fee to apply?
We never charge a registration fee, jury fee or commission. You are only responsible for the cost of the booth fee and any additional fees such as electricity or a guaranteed corner, when available.

How do I apply?
Our yearly Arts and Craft Application goes online mid January.
Applications are available online or you can print and snail mail it back to us.
Please note: Applications that are mailed take longer to process.
Click below to view the:
Online 2021 Arts and Craft Application
PDF Printable 2021 Arts and Craft Application

When should I apply?
It is best to apply early to secure your booth space.
Artisans applying to the Spring Shows are processed first.

Do I need insurance?

Applicants selling certain consumable items (products “used up” such as Food, Edibles, Personal Care Items, Candles, etc.) must carry insurance and provide a Certificate of Liability listing Castleberry Fairs & Festivals as Additional Insured.

Can I send a representative on my behalf?
Exhibitors are permitted to sell their own creations only.
No sales representatives.

Can non-profits participate?
Yes, non-profit organizations are invited to apply. Space is limited per show.
Non Profit participants are granted free space but they are NOT allowed to make sales.
Refundable deposits may be required.

Can Specialty Food Vendors and prepared-on-site Food Vendors apply?
Specialty Food Vendors can apply on line via the Arts and Craft Application.
All Specialty Foods MUST be made by the seller.
All Specialty Food Vendors must provide:
* Copy of ServSafe Certification (or equivalent)
* Copy of Allergen Awareness Certificate
* Copy of Certificate of Liability listing Castleberry Fairs and Festivals as Additional Insured

For Food Vendors who cook or prepare food to be consumed on site.
Our 2021 Food Vendor Application is available online.
Note: Not all Arts and Craft events allow Food Vendors.
Click below to view the:
Online 2021  Food Vendor Application
PDF Printable 2021 Food Vendor Application
All Food Vendors must also provide us with the following:
* Copy of proposed menu
* Copy of ServSafe Certification
* Copy of Allergen Awareness Certificate
* Copy of Certificate of Liability listing Castleberry Fairs and Festivals as Additional Insured

Do I need to collect sales tax or meals tax?
As a business owner you are required to calculate and collect sales tax and report sales tax to the appropriate authorities.
Sales tax rates and laws vary from state to state.
It is the business owners’ responsibility to be aware and follow these laws.

Do I need a sales tax number to apply for a show?
New Hampshire has no sales tax.
Massachusetts sales tax is currently 6.25%
You can wait and apply for a sales tax number after being accepted to a show.
Follow this link for information on applying for a MA Sales Tax Number 

Where can I find accommodations?
We suggest using Trivago or Kayak or Hotel.com to research booking your stay.

What if I need to cancel my participation?
Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be in writing. Show deposits and show fees are non refundable.
We may, at our discretion, transfer show fees to another show within the same year, provided we are able to fill the cancelled booth.
Please Note: If a Show is cancelled due to Covid, booth fees will be refunded or applied to another 2021 show that you have already
been accepted into
or want to be added to, as space allows. All refunds will be processed after the last show date of 2021.

When is my balance due?
Booth fees are to be paid in full 45 days prior to the event.

How can I submit a payment?
Go to: https://castleberryfairs.com/make-a-payment/
to submit a payment or to update your credit card information.

What is the deadline to participate?
There is no deadline to apply, shows fill as applications are received with limited availability per category.
If a show if full you may still apply and be added to the waiting list.

What if I am on the “Waiting List”? 
There is no deposit required for the Waiting List.
If we have a cancellation, we will attempt to fill the space from our Waiting List. 

If we contact you and you tell us that cannot participate, no problem. We understand and respect that you need to fill your weekend.

When can I expect a response to my application status?
After applying online you will receive an auto-response email letting you know we have received your application.
Early applications seem to come all at once and the wait is about 2 weeks before we start processing. 

Artisans applying for our Spring Shows will be processed immediately.
After the initial rush, most applications are processed within a few days.
Applications which are mailed in may take up to 3 weeks. 

What if there is inclement weather?
All Shows are held: Rain, Snow or Shine.
In extreme cases show hours are “subject to change” due to weather.

What are the display requirements?
For Outdoor Shows:
All exhibitors must provide their own 10’x10’ flame-retardant, rain resistant (preferably white) canopy with side walls.
Click to read more about Flame Retardant requirements.
All exhibitors must provide their own stakes and weights to anchor down during outdoor events.
All outdoor booths must be securely staked into the ground and/or weighted down. (Min. 25 lbs per canopy leg)
No Staking into Pavement.

For both Indoor and Outdoor Shows:
All Exhibitors must provide their own Display, Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Etc.
Displays must be contained within your own booth space.
No signage, Chairs, Racks or Product in the aisle.
All tables must be covered to the floor.
All displays must be kept neat and professional.

What is not permitted at the event?
No commercial products allowed.
No Sales Reps.

No imported works allowed.
We reserve the right to remove any offensive or non-juried product.
Pets are not allowed at indoor events.
Friendly, non-nuisance Pets are allowed at outdoor events.

Will my display be safe over-night?
Overnight security is provided for all shows.
Security is only a deterrent.
Castleberry Fairs and Festivals are not responsible for loss or damages.
All Exhibitors MUST cover/enclose their booth at closing each day.

Can I demonstrate my craft at the event?
We strongly encourage ALL Exhibitors to demonstrate some aspect of their craft.
We want to educate and enlighten the public on the value of American made works and instill an appreciation for the handcrafted tradition.
Please note on your application if you can demonstrate your craft at the event.
Demonstrating artisans are often given larger spaces with premium placement.

Do you hire musicians and talent for these events?
We do hire musicians and talent for several events, depending on the size and staging ability of the event.
If you are interested in participating as talent please send promotional materials to info@castleberryfairs.com and let us know which event(s) you’d like to participate in.

Covid-19 adaptations:
All Exhibitors participating in any 2021 event must follow Universal Retail Guidelines for Covid-19.

All Exhibitors and Staff must adhere to all local and state mandates as well as Safe Social Distancing Guidelines:
• If you are sick or have symptoms of Covid-19 STAY HOME.
•  Face Masks must be worn at all times.
•  Maintain a distance of 6 feet from others.
•  Have hand sanitizer available, in your booth.
•  No Food Sampling.
•  No Personal Care Product Sampling.
•  Every 2 hours clean and wipe down all frequently touched surfaces.
These Guidelines are subject to change and we will keep you updated.

Still have questions?

Feel free to call or email us anytime at
603-332-2616 or info@castleberryfairs.com
A full list of Show Rules and regulations can be found here: 2021 Rules & Regulations

FAQ for Show Visitors:

How can I get in touch with an exhibitor?
We would be happy to help you contact an exhibitor from a past Castleberry Fairs event.
Please email info@castleberryfairs.com with details so that we can assist you.

Can I bring my pet?
Friendly, non nuisance pets on a leash are welcome at outdoor Castleberry Events.
Pets are not allowed at any indoor shows. (Service animals are exempt.)

Are there local accommodations?
We suggest using Trivago or Kayak or Hotel.com to research booking your stay.

We never sell, lease or share our Emailing List