Marketplace FAQ

Marketplace FAQ

What exactly is the Castleberry Marketplace?
The Marketplace is an online platform where Members display their own work and connect with the shoppers.

Will the Castleberry Marketplace sell my work for me?
No. The Marketplace does not make any sales.
There is no shopping cart on the Marketplace.

How does the Castleberry Marketplace work?
Artists, Artisans, Crafters, Musicians, Authors and Specialty Food Vendors are welcome to apply for Marketplace Membership.
Members will be listed in the Marketplace in up to 3 Categories of their choice.

Marketplace artisans will be able to submit edits to their own landing page, add keywords, add photos, a brief bio and add any special sales information.
Members will also have access to insights showing how many Marketplace shoppers visited their landing page, how many clicked through to their contact info, website or social media page, etc.

What is the jury criteria for Marketplace Membership?
All applicants are juried along the following criteria:
1.) Did you make it? All work must be made by the Seller.
2.) Is it well made? Only top quality work is allowed.
3.) Is it made in USA? We only allow the sale of American made works.
If the answer to all 3 is yes then you are welcome to apply for Membership in the Marketplace.
Additional Marketplace Guidelines:
No Member may sublet or share Membership.
All Members are permitted to sell their own creations only.
Requirements for Members own website:
    All items must be priced.
    All shipping costs must be posted.
    Your return policy must be posted.
    All orders received must be filled in a timely manner.

View Marketplace Rules and Regulations

Do I have to be an exhibitor at Castleberry Fairs to become a member of the Marketplace?
No. The Marketplace is open to all Artists, Artisans, Crafters, Musicians, Authors and Specialty Food Vendors who meet the jury criteria.

Do Specialty Food Vendors need to obtain a health permit?
Yes. We require all Members selling Specialty Foods be ServSafe Certified (or equivalent).
It is also the responsibility of each Member selling Specialty Foods to abide by the all regulations regarding the sale of edibles
including but not limited to listing all ingredients, proper labeling and the safe storage and shipping of perishable items.
We suggest you contact your local health department or department of agriculture for specific guidance.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member of the Castleberry Marketplace?
Since March 2020 online orders have risen over 50%.
Members benefit from added sales, increased exposure, guaranteed paid advertising and extensive promotion.

Also, we have a dedicated following of shoppers who support Castleberry Artisans.
We have a great history of promoting Arts and Crafts to a very specific shopper with an appreciation for the hand crafted tradition.

What is the difference of being a Member of the Marketplace and being on the exhibitor list per show.
Castleberry Artisans and shoppers are familiar with the 
“Who’s in the Show” list.
This is a webpage which lists all Exhibitors for a particular show.
The exhibitors are listed by category with one image and a link directly to the Artisans basic landing page with contact email.
The Marketplace is quite different. It will list all Artisans by group and be searchable by category, business name and keywords.
Artisans on the Marketplace will have their own landing page with up to 10 images,
be listed in up to 3 categories, offer a brief bio, detailed description of work, links to their own website or social media site, contact information
and have access to insight
s and analytics.

Is there a fee to apply?
There is only a yearly Membership fee.
There is no application fee, jury fee or commission.

What does it cost to be a Member of the online Marketplace?

Yearly Membership – 

Yearly Membership – 12 Months.
Membership will begin as soon as we process your application and add you to the Marketplace.

What if I am currently listed but I do not want to be part of the Castleberry Marketplace?
Please let us know right away so we can deactivate your landing page.
No hard feelings, we understand that selling your work online is a big step and not suited for everyone.

What if I am a current Castleberry Exhibitor but do not see my business listed on the Marketplace Website? 
Good question.
Send us an email at
and we will figure it out, no worries.

How do I apply?
Our Marketplace Membership Application is online here.
You can only apply online. No paper or printed applications will be accepted.

Do I need to have an E-commerce website to be a Member of the Marketplace?
No, but it is best if you have one.
We can link your landing page or your website, Etsy site, social media site or any site where shoppers can connect with you.
A dedicated E-commerce site is preferred.

If you need an E-commerce website I highly recommend Rob Ball, owner of RMR Software Solutions.
Rob is offering a special discount to Castleberry Artisans. 

You can contact Rob at or 774-454-7281. 

Do I need an email address to be a Member?
Yes, at minimum an email address is required.

When can I expect a response to my Marketplace application?
After applying online you will receive an auto-response email letting you know we have received your application.
Once your Membership application is accepted you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your landing page.
For any issues please send us an email at

How soon after applying for Membership will I be added to the Marketplace?
If accepted we can safely estimate all applicants will be processed and added to the Marketplace within
3 to 5 business days.

How long is a Membership?
Marketplace Membership is currently offered for the term of one year.

Is my renewal automatic?
No. You will receive an email when your Membership is soon to expire and you can set up auto renew at that time.

When is my Membership dues to be paid?
Marketplace Membership is due in full with application.
If your application is not accepted we will not charge you any fee.

How can I submit a payment or update my credit card information?
Go to:
to submit a payment or to update your credit card information via our secure server.

Do I need a sales tax number to apply for the Marketplace?
No. Since we do not make sales for you, we do not need your tax ID number.

Do I need to collect sales tax?
As a business owner you are required to calculate and collect sales tax and report sales tax to the appropriate authorities.
Sales tax rates and laws vary from state to state.
It is the business owners’ responsibility to be aware and follow these laws.

Do I need insurance?
We recommend all Marketplace Members carry liability insurance.
However, it is not a requirement of Membership.

Can I edit my landing page?
Yes. Each Member will be able to access their own landing page to add images, add keywords, edit their bio, or any special sales info, etc.
You will also have access to analytics  showing how many shoppers view your landing page and follow through to your own site.

Can I list other fairs or events on my landing page?
No. Along with your contact info, your landing page is for you to show images or your own work, 
include a brief bio, description of your work and any special sales or discounts.
You cannot list, promote or advertise any other event or businesses on your landing page.
In the future we hope to list any Castleberry events you are participating on your landing page.

Cancellation Policy:
Membership may be cancelled at any time and you will be removed from the Marketplace upon request.
To discontinue Marketplace Membership email
Note: Membership Fees are nonrefundable.

What is the deadline to participate?
There is currently no deadline to apply for Marketplace Membership.

What if there is inclement weather?
Weather makes no difference when you shop online 🙂

What if the Marketplace website is down?
We do not foresee any problems however the site may be down due to temporary loss of internet or for a short time for updating or general maintenance.
If you cannot access the site please hit refresh and try again.

What is not allowed to sell on the Marketplace?
We reserve the right to remove any offensive or non-juried product.
We will not approve Membership for those who are trying to sell or promote work they do not make or other events.
Imports, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Medications, Illegal Items, Dangerous Items, Weapons or Items that glorify hate or violence are not allowed
on the Castleberry Marketplace.

Can non-profits participate?
At this time we do not offer the Marketplace to non-profit groups.

Can sponsors participate?
Possibly, please contact us directly at
to learn about any Sponsorship opportunities.

How can I edit my Landing Page?
If you are already listed on the Castleberry Marketplace, you can log in to edit your Landing Page as follows.
The first time you Log in you will need to set up a password protected account.
Click here for login instructions

Still have questions?
Feel free to call 603-332-2616 or email us at