Celebrate American made works by hand

August 29 & 30 . . .

In late August the current along Cape Cod Bay changes,
killing off the larvae of the Greenhead flies, a cyclical phenomenon referred to locally as the “Kill Tide”

Festival Hours: Saturday 10am to 5pm ~ Sunday 10am to 4pm
Here is a small sample of the Artisans in the Brewster MA Show

               JoGlazebrook4 SteveStamasEllenSullivanSunflowerJamesPolisky

 CesarPalmaBouys2015 LizaAbelson2015 Honey2015 JohnTunneyJellyFishYellow
ArthurMerry2015  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RobertRosselStar2014 KettleCornAshley2015

         Lovely, shaded Drummer Boy Park … in Historic Brewster MA
BrewsterJuly2012   BrewsterWindmill2015   BlacksmithShopBrewster2015

Click here to see view ALL of the Artisans in the Brewster Show


    Friendly Pets on a Leash are Welcome. 


We look forward to keeping you informed about upcoming events.

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